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“Empowering athletic coaches to prioritize well-being while crafting winning programs through professional developments and keynote speaking.” 



     Eddie J. Hamilton, the heart and soul of EJ Hamilton Enterprises LLC, is a figure of inspiration and a beacon of change in the world of sports coaching. His journey, marked by resilience, faith, and relentless pursuit of excellence, forms the foundation of our company.

     A native of Shreveport, LA, Coach Hamilton graduated with honors from Booker T Washington High School and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and Health from Northwestern State University, and a Master’s in Educational Leadership from LSU Shreveport. His path has been one of self-discovery in my journey as a coach and now as a speaker and consultant.


     A seasoned educator and celebrated basketball coach, Eddie's career is a testament to his dedication and passion for sports. However, his journey wasn't without its challenges. Facing a crisis of integrity and personal hardships, Eddie's path took a transformative turn when he embraced faith and self-reflection. This pivotal moment led him not only to reclaim his life and career but also to excel beyond his expectations. 


     Under his guidance, his basketball program soared to become one of the top 5 in the state. His personal life, too, saw remarkable rejuvenation, strengthening his family bonds. These accomplishments, however, are just the tip of the iceberg. Eddie's true achievement lies in his ability to turn his experiences into a source of empowerment for other coaches.



       Coaching Career Highlights

  • Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference Tournament Champions SCAC

  • NCAA Tournament Division III First Round

  • Three District Championships 

  • Four District Runner-Ups 

  • Three Quarter-Final appearances 

  • Multiple Coach of the Year Awards

  • LHSBCA West All-Star Team Head Coach 

  • National Association of Basketball Coaches

  • USA Basketball Gold Certified Coach

                Educational Experience

  • Educator (K-12)

  • Taught Social Studies, Math, Reading, Physical Education and Health

  • Administrative Assistant of Discipline

  • Teacher Advancement Program (T.A.P.) Mentor Teacher

  • School Leadership Team

     At EJ Hamilton Enterprises LLC, our vision is to create a world where coaching is synonymous with holistic well-being. We strive to establish a coaching community where success is measured not just by trophies but by the positive impact on athletes' lives.


         Eddie's vision extends beyond victories on the field. He aspires to cultivate a coaching culture that values mental, physical, and emotional well-being as much as professional success. His goal is to mentor coaches to not only achieve career fulfillment but also maintain personal harmony.

      Our mission is to provide coaches with the knowledge, tools, and support needed to balance their professional commitments with personal well-being. We are committed to fostering environments where coaches can thrive, and in turn, nurture their athletes to succeed both in sports and life

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